Ellis Thompson

PhD Student in Computer Science

I'm Ellis, a PhD student in Computer Science at The George Washington University. My research focus is in intelligent aviation systems. Currently, I am researching approaches to Strategic Deconfliction and Operational Volume (OV) generation for Urban Air Mobility (UAM). I am also engaged on a NASA system wide safety (SWS) project looking at predicting flight plan nonconformance of small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UASs) and larger eVTOLS, due to wind and battery degradation.

My other research interests are primarily in Machine Learning applications for trustworthy autonomous systems. I am particularly interested in Reinforcement Learning based approaches to these problems, and began looking into RL based solutions since my Undergraduates Degree. Broader research interests include Air Traffic Management (ATM)/ UAS Traffic Management (UTM), Computer Vision and Optimization.

Email: [email protected] | Mobile: +44 07538 334917 | Repos: Git Lab & Git Hub